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American fashion blogger ‘The clothes horse’ gives a thoughtful post on how girls in glasses are perceived.

Glasses (outside of the fashion moment they are currently having, please acknowledge that it is a trend and an underground one at that to wear thick, geeky frames) have a stigma of unattractiveness and smarts attached to them. It is rather commonly believed that men prefer women without them. Given the option of contact lenses most people leap at the opportunity.

This post and subject area will keep me thinking for sometime. I wonder if this perception is because like this brilliant Oogmerk advert shows, glasses have implications of intelligence, and therefore the need to ‘try harder’ when initially chatting?

I think and hope that this perception is changing as Glasses become more of a fashion accessory, to be changed with the appropriate outfit, and there are lots of guys who think girls look sexier in glasses. I’ll do an informal survey amongst my male friends and see what they think.

Some of the most interesting views come in the comments replying to the posting.
For example:

Glasses can make people more attractive / look more interesting because their choice in glasses seemingly reveals something about their character.

I think glasses are super sexy, and sometimes (foolishly) wish that I had blurrier vision so that I could wear cool glasses.

I have noticed a funny thing about my glasses. Ordinarily I think people find me less attractive in them, but when I go to ‘artsy’ or ‘hipster’ places in them I think I get checked out more. I guess it just goes to show that most ‘groups’ are image-conscious in their own way.

My wife has a pair of glasses that I think totally suit her, but I notice she is quite reticent to wear them.

Her reason:
“I don’t need them normally, only when I’m watching the TV. And I don’t really like them, I’d have to get a nicer pair”

What do you think? How do you feel about wearing your glasses?

There is an entire pool on flickr of ‘girls in glasses’ with nearly 3000 photos, so some people are obviously keen.

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