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I have to say it’s not a stereotype that I’ve noticed being true, apart from in movies & on the TV, but it’s nice to have conclusive evidence that backs it up:

“We have literally busted the myth that people who wear glasses are introverted or have particular personality characteristics. They are more likely to be agreeable and open, rather than closed and introverted,” said A/Prof Paul Baird of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Eye Research Australia.

Generally a nice bunch then. Up the speccies!

It does however go on to say that there are some serious points for eye health, as some younger people resist wearing glasses because of the fear of preconceptions that others have.

“This shows that people, particularly children, should not avoid or delay wearing glasses due to preconceived ideas about what it would imply about their personalities.”

It did make me think that although the wearing of glasses in itself doesn’t imply particular personality traits, what does my choice of glasses get across about my mood on a particular day?

I think that deserves a post of it’s own.

Link to the research: