Cathay Pacific uniforms

We recently read an optical report, here at Glasses towers, which finished with the idea that companies who’s staff have uniforms may wish to extend their uniform to glasses.

This provoked an unexpected reaction with me – I found the idea incredibly difficult to stomach. I’d be happy to have to put on any item of clothing a company wanted me to wear – trousers, shirt hat, tie, jacket, socks, even pants if they were M&Ss finest. I’m totally happy to sacrifice individuality for a job, if that’s the nature of the job.

In fact sometimes is quite nice not having to think about what to wear.

However, when it comes to glasses I suddenly found the idea extremely difficult to accept.

It reminded me again what a unique relationship we have with our glasses.

  • We wear them every day, yet often only change them every couple of years
  • We begrudge spending money on them, yet they sit on our face, right in front of our eyes
  • We’ll happily spend lots of money on shoes, lots of pairs of shoes, yet not many people notice them whereas glasses can change the entire way you’re perceived
  • No-one else can wear them, they’re virtually unique to us
  • Many people would rather not be wearing them at all
  • Not many people would wear a different pair on consecutive days, yet we’d never think that about other items of clothing
  • We never think “oooh, he’s wearing those glasses again, hasn’t he got any others?”
  • They make people look intelligent, yet no other item of clothing does.

Going back to the idea of uniform glasses, the closest feeling we could come up with was if a company asked us to all have the same hairstyle.

Having said all that – if any companies are entertaining the idea, we’d love to chat…