Britney, Lohan, Arnie & Bosworth – trying on specs

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One major issue that lots of people have with trying glasses online is wondering what they’ll look like on your face.

At Glasses Direct we have the most advanced facial recognition software in the UK industry on our site – which we will be developing. Rather than you having to put glasses on your face, our software recognises your facial features and then fits a 3-D model of the glasses onto your face at the appropriate angle.

I grabbed a couple of photos of famous faces – particularly various incarnations of Arnie – to see how it would cope.

All of these have had the glasses added by our software on our site.

The Governator in some cowboy aviators
Arnold in glasses

Conan the specs wearer in margaritas
Arnold in glasses

He can see the predator better if he’s wearing his glasses (lennox £15)
Arnold in glasses

Kate Bosworth looking very alluring in some slightly manly specs (lennox £15 again)
Kate Bosworth in glasses

Britney looking super sexy in a pair of Paris
Britney in glasses

Ms Spears in some Livewires (£25)
Britney in glasses

Lilo looking good in a pair of Prague (£25)
kate in glasses

Who else do you think we should try?

Have a go yourself at

Try yourself, your mates, or any other celebs you think should be ‘specced’. Send us in any images you end up with.

Our lead developer found it even worked for his cat, but our head of IT had less joy with a picture of a dog.


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have been a dispensing optician these last 14 years. Been in practice and on the road working for Carl Zeiss. Used to play a lot of golf (not any more) and now play far more online poker than I should!


  1. ben September 26, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    It would be amazing if you could do the arnie predator one for every frame of the film!

  2. test test September 26, 2008 at 3:02 pm

    Do you have one of alan Carr?

  3. John September 27, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Does your virtual mirror size the image of the glasses ? If not it will not be a true picture of how they would look on my face, would it?

  4. David September 30, 2008 at 10:40 am


    Interesting question. The algorithm is quite complicated, but essentially works something like this at the moment:
    – It analyses the uploaded photo and identifies the features of the head
    – Works out the rotation of the head
    – Figures out the proportions of the features to each other
    – Uses all the information about the head/facial features/head direction/rotation to automatically size a 3-D model of the glasses that we have stored
    – It then places a photo-realistic model of the glasses onto the head at the right angle, showing how lenses would look, plus shadows, etc.

    The tool can cope with a range of head tilts so you can see how the glasses look at various angles – whereas normal try online tools rely on someone looking directly ahead, which isn’t how you look at most people.

    So in summary: The glasses are sized to your head, and put on at the correct rotation/angle for your head, due to the relations between the measured features, the real glasses on your real face may be a few millimetres wider or narrower.
    However, note that the relative sizes between frames are totally exact. We feel the realism afforded by the tool of seeing how a proper 3-D model looks on your face is the most useful way of identifying how they’ll end up looking.

    This tool is constantly being developed and we are investing heavily in this kind of cutting edge technology to ensure that we stay ahead of our competition.

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