For a while now I have been following the keyword glasses on Twitter. I find it a really interesting insight into how people wear their glasses and their attitudes to them.

The most common theme I read is that people so often leave their glasses behind at home and really struggle at work to read their screens without getting headaches. I guess this is where it’s useful to have more than one pair. The other side of the coin are the really lovely tweets that people write, full of excitement when they are getting new glasses. It really does have a sense of occasion, seemingly for a couple of reasons; one because they can see again and two because people think it makes them look prettier/better/more intelligent!

Some of the others along the way that have made me smile:

1. ahaha. this pretty hot girl walked into the coffee shop and the old guy next to me put on his glasses and then just looked at me and smiled

Probably made the old chaps’ day 😉

2. I just sneezed so hard my glasses flew off my face

This must have been one hard sneeze or they were just really badly fitting glasses.

3. I just tried to wash my face with my glasses still on. Oh yeah, today’s shaping up to be a great day

Sounds like a very tired person!

4. At swimming club last night a girl not wearing her glasses asked me how I knew Jane (my twin) – I said I met her in the womb!

A perfect illustration of the vital use that glasses have, distinguishing one person from another!

And some that made me sad:

1. I might go to Thailand for 2 weeks in Fall to get a pair of glasses

It made me sad because it seems an awful long way to travel to go and get some new glasses, he must really be struggling to get the right pair.

2. Really wants an iPod Classic, but knows she needs to get her glasses and contacts arrgh!! Decisions, decisions & responsible ones at that

Ah the age-old decision that people have had to make between buying glasses that they NEED and buying something else that they WANT. No longer a problem when glasses are cheaper.

3. Where are my glasses? I can’t find them without my glasses


4. Got called into work for a shift trade. Guy who was supposed to work mornings broke his glasses in two

I felt really sorry for this man, he had to go into work just because the other guy broke his glasses. Whereas if the guy had had more than one pair, the issue would have never arisen!