We’ve set up a flickr group for people to post pictures of themselves in their new specs – or to get second opinions on their Home Trials.
There’s also a question ‘How many pairs of glasses do you own’

I thought I’d list mine here.

I’m pretty obsessive about glasses, and I have a lot of pairs. What I find is that, just like my wardrobe, there’s a core set that I wear often, and a bunch of others that get occasional outings.

Different pairs definitely have different feelings
– my rimless pair were sensible and neutral, and vaguely stylish they go with anything. They were my default pair that get the most public time – unfortunately they were lost over the side of a canoe in wales.
Moschino Rimless

– my bold plastic pair are cooler than the rest, but slightly pretentious. I’m totally gutted that they’ve broken, as they were my day-to-day pair.
Gucci Bold

– My Second pair of bold plastics are also cool, and very comfortable. For some reason I feel safe in them. Madrid glasses from Glasses Direct for £29
Madrid glasses

super bold plastic pair with blue lenses are overtly ‘fashionable’ and I need to be in a very confident mood to wear them.
Blue tinted bold glasses

– my yellow aviators are great fun – I feel oddly rock’n’roll when wearing them. Very Hunter S. Thompson
Unfortunately I’ve lost these somewhere, but they looked a bit like these:
not mine, but yellow specs nonetheless

– my red plastic ones – are slightly too much for my wife to bear, but look great with the right togs on. The darker colours are better for these though I think. Kamikaze glasses from Glasses Direct.
Red kamikaze glasses

– my plain plastic ones fall off too much, so I’ve never really worn them
Loose, ice ones

– my swimmers are great for…erm…swimming. so much better than contacts in the pool, which always end up falling out and stinging afterwards from the chlorine.
My swimmers

– my graduated tint aviator sunnies – are fantastic. Simply fantastic, and i wear them whenever it’s sunny. Personally I think they’re cooler than most people’s branded sunnies. They’re Ray with grey graduated tint lenses.
Ray glasses with a graduated tint

– my wirey ted baker specs – I can’t wear these for very long as the lenses are massive and I foolishly didn’t go for thin lenses so they dig into my nose.
Ted Bakers

– my wireless bendable specs – were bought from vision express as part of a competitor shop. They’re good everyday specs, but we sell the same type of glasses for about £150 less. Our version Malaga bendable rimless are currently out of stock.
Ted Bakers

– these are just stupid, I bought them on a whim as they’re so incredibly huge and I have yet to put lenses in them. As they’re SO massive I’ll have to get extremely thin lenses put into them otherwise they’ll be too heavy on my nose.

– My Bolle bold specs were a bargain from our own site (not in stock at the moment). I wear these most days.

– My most expensive pair are a lovely pair of glasses by a company called ‘Mykita’ which I bought from a wonderful little opticians in Brighton. I can’t afford to buy too many pairs like this, but I couldn’t resist.

So there you have it – my current range of 14 pairs of prescription glasses
3 pairs from high street chains
4 pairs from Glasses Direct
1 pair from an independent optician
2 pairs bought online, then glazed by Glasses Direct
3 pairs bought from competitors online
1 pair bought from a sports shop! (The goggles)
– Oh and a small batch of daily contact lenses that I occasionally wear.

What about you?