Jamie and Kevin picking glasses

Ever since we launched our 10-day Home Trial program last week, our fulfillment team have been heroically picking and packing thousands of glasses to ship out to customers. So today our Founder, Jamie Murray Wells and our CEO Kevin Cornils spent the morning working in our fulfillment department. They had a great time seeing what glasses customers had been choosing.

All sorts of things happen to a pair of glasses before we let them out the door to our customers. We have a great quality control team who check each frame several times throughout the order process. They will also check all lenses when they come back from being glazed to ensure all prescriptions are correct and there are no lens defects.

The fulfillment team are the people making sure the right glasses are picked and packed and ensuring all orders get sent out as quickly as possible. They really are a neat and efficient operation in our Swindon warehouse, you certainly can’t stand still too long if you go in there!