As avid followers of glasses in all shapes and sizes, we watched with excitement as the nation donned its 3D spectacles for last week’s live, landmark 3D broadcast by Keane. Now that 3D broadcasts on TV and online are becoming more regular, we all have the opportunity to don our 3D glasses more often.

And so to help you track down where to get your hands on 3D glasses, and to see what’s coming up to watch in 3D, we thought we’d research what’s happening where.

Top 5 places to get your 3D specs

  1. This US mail order site gives them way for free is you send a self-addressed envelope
  2. 3DImages.co.uk boasts a stock of 350,000 3D specs, from card to plastic models
  3. Napier University is running a science project that’s giving away 3D glasses to people based in Scotland
  4. Keane has a cut-out template for making your own 3D glasses
  5. If you have a £3000 Hyundai S465D TV and Sky+HD you won’t need specs at all. That’s the future of 3D viewing in your living room.

What to watch in 3D

If you want to get the 3D look in real glasses, we’ve got a few pairs in our Cocktail collection that have the thick frames and striking looks that you’ll want.

What are your favourite 3D films or TV programmes? Let us know in the comments below…