And the winner is……

On January 27th we launched a competition to design our new cleaning cloth. Our microfibre cloths go out free with all our glasses and needed an overhaul. You can see the old cloth design, my own entry, and the launch blog post here
The competition ran throughout February, leaving us with the difficult task of judging which should get the ultimate acolade of the cleaning cloth world
On March 12th, we showed everyone a selection of the entries here

Well my dotty design idea didnt win, but I am now pleased to announce that Mr. Glen McNeill produced the inspirational design for the above creative, which is now being turned into thousands of cloths ready to go out with your glasses. You can click on the image above to see an enlarged version. Mr. McNeill won a new pair of glasses (and a lifetime’s supply of cloths!) and said he was ‘ecstatic’. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We will re-run the competition in early 2010 to find next year’s winner so please enter again then