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About 16 million people in the UK suffer from hay fever – an allergy to pollen or fungal spores which causes sneezing and a runny nose and eyes. Fun, it isn’t.

Hay fever season typically lasts from May to August, but if you’re determined to make the most of this summer, read on. Here are five simple ways to pull the plug on irritating pollen…

  1. Wear wraparound sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat.

    “The close fit of wraparound sunglasses offers that crucial extra bit of protection for the eyes, forming an effective barrier between them and any pollen” says Glasses Direct’s Director of Product and registered Dispensing Optician, Phillip Meyer. A broad-rimmed hat makes a good back up.

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  2. Avoid going out early morning and at dusk.

    There’s usually more pollen floating around at these times. Check out the pollen counts near you at

  3. Keep windows and doors closed.

    “Make a pollen-free atmosphere by closing windows and doors and sitting still for 30 minutes – pollen will fall from the air, giving some respite” says Professor Jean Emberlin of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, University of Worcester in a recent Asthma & Allergies supplement in The Guardian.

  4. Take regular showers.

    To get rid of any pollen caught on your body and hair and reducing the risk of reaction.

  5. Avoid places with high levels of air pollution.

    It can make symptoms worse, say experts.