Photo courtesy of D Sharon Pruitt

Are you feeling the love this summer? You are according to new research* that reveals that over half of us (53%) believe in love at first sight. Awwww!

But what’s this? The same report suggests more than one in five Brits will actively avoid making eye contact with a stranger we find attractive. The reason for such shyness is no doubt complex, but one simple step to giving more ooomph to your ogle is to actively care for your eyes.

David Hutchfield FBDO, a dispensing optician at Glasses Direct says, “If you believe in falling in love at first sight, one key way of giving Cupid a helping hand is to consciously look after your eye sight every day – not only to look good but to stay healthy and well.”

To keep your eyes looking good for romance, David’s suggests these top tips:

1. Eat and drink healthily

A balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables is important for both your general health and your eye health. Stock up on broccoli and spinach. Both are packed full of lutein, thought to play a major role in preventing damage to the macula, the central point of the retina needed to see fine detail, like words on a page.

2. Oily fish

like salmon, tuna and mackerel are good, too – full of Omega-3 fatty acids said to reduce the risk of age-related macular Degeneration (AMD for short), the main cause of sight loss in the UK. Drink plenty of water too.

3. Be smart with make-up

Ditch eye make-up when as soon as it reaches its ‘use by’ date (with mascara, for example, it’s six months). And don’t share it. Or apply it when travelling – in case you scratch your eye and spread potentially harmful bacteria.

4. Stop smoking

It damages the cells in your retina and doubles the risk of developing AMD.

5. Have a regular eye test

“Visit an optometrist every two years or so. They’re eye ‘doctors’, trained not only to test your sight and prescribe glasses but to spot any problems and treat infections” says David. “You’re also welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your eyes.”

* By The College of Optometrists.