Top Ten Glasses Wearing Movie Stars

With Colin Firth sporting his nerdy yet undeniably hot glasses in what the industry predicts to be an Oscar winning performance as George in A Single Man, we take a look at some of the most memorable movie characters renowned for their glasses and specs appeal. According to our survey to find the most memorable glasses wearing movie characters, we have a list of the Top Ten. Clark Kent tops the charts, fooling us with his somewhat obvious glasses disguise and the unlikely sex symbol Austin Powers rocks up behind with his comical phrases and glasses to match! The others are as follows:

3. Harry Palmer (The Ipcress File, 1965) 13 per cent
4. Sue Storm (Fantastic Four, 2005) 10 per cent
5. Harry Potter (Harry Potter series, 2001) 9 per cent
6. Raoul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998) 8 per cent
7. Miranda Priestley (The Devil Wears Prada, 2006) 8 per cent
8. Chief Martin Brody (Jaws series, 1975) 6 per cent
9. Pola Debevoise (How to Marry a Millionaire, 1953 3 per cent
10. Tootsie (Tootsie, 1982) 2 per cent

It’s not only the boys who know the secret. Jessica Alba brings the girls to the top as number 4 as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four. Now calm down boys! Poor old Harry falls behind at number 5. Don’t worry Harry you still have plenty of time to climb the charts.

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