Jamie's marathon team

This weekend I’m going to be struggling round running the London Marathon. I’ve had 11 weeks of training which I hope has brought my fitness level from about the lowest in my life, to the fittest I’ve ever been. Certainly it is nowhere near as able as other serious runners in optics – such as @glasses_Kevin – who left me standing, huffing and puffing after a few miles, as he sprinted off into the distance the last time we ran together, @dvc who stepped in to help us complete our Silverstone half marathon and promptly put us all to shame, or Chris Bennett, Editor of the Optician magazine, whose Ironman and Triathlons come to mind.

I’m running as a part of a team trying to break the world record for the most people linked together. We run 2 abreast and there are 34 of us in total. (the current world record is 32, set by a German team only a few weeks ago). We have 3 bungee cords which attach each of us to the runner in front, beside, and behind. We use a couple of us to set the pace with special watches that tell your speed (how many minutes per mile you are running at). Our goal is 11.5 minute miles. Other gadgets we are using to co-ordinate a caterpillar about 16 metres long round 26.2 miles are walky-talky watches that a few people have so the front of the caterpillar can talk to the back. In the final line up, I am running in the third row from the back on the left, next to a great friend and early Glasses Direct team member Julian Erleigh. The challenge is to work as a team in terms of pace, breaks, communication, and my own personal goal – not being a point of failure for 34 people. All this in a sport that is usually quite an individual challenge.

With all those evening runs round Hyde park and the 18 miler in the great park last weekend now behind us, I’m looking forward to the big day. And to motivate me into carrying myself one mile further on the day I am dedicating each of my 26 miles to different people. I am dedicating mile number 15 to my customers and team here at Glasses Direct – you’ll all be on my mind on Westferry road, through docklands towards Millwall. If there’s any of you running, who I should look out for on the day, let me know in the comments below. Also if you’d like to find out more about our caterpillar, or even donate, have a look at our website which shows details of the charities we are trying to raise £250,000 for.

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