Glasses Direct has grown up into a strong, popular, charming and loyal six year old. We have gone from distributing 100 pairs a day, to a pair of glasses every few minutes and the company has saved customers up to ten times the amount they would have spent on high-street glasses.

I remember the times of so called ‘NHS’ glasses, when dull unattractive frames were all you could afford and you would always try to wear them as little as possible. Nowadays with the value and range that Glasses Direct has brought about, people can’t get enough of them and think about them more and more as an accessory. We now offer a more diverse collection of stylish glasses and sunglasses than ever before, with our own on-trend range and an impressive selection of designer brands available in our newly launched Designer Outlet.

Over the course of this last year we have accomplished many great things on behalf of our customers: One of the most important was our our Home Trial service which solves the problem of not being able to try the glasses on. You have seven days to try out a range of styles and to ask opinions from friends and family. This is now used by over half our customers and continues to become more and more popular. Advertising is something we’ve working on, with our TV campaign currently being aired on thousands of times across satellite TV stations. Our TV campaign is just one example of the marketing that will help propel us to being a household name and the first place people think of for their eyewear needs.

When I entered the outdated eyewear market six years ago, some found the concept of ordering glasses online unbelievable. Years later we are the point of call for many glasses wearers in the UK, and have well and truly discovered that glasses are not an exception from the growing list of products that people go online to buy.