Many of us fashionistas discovered a long time ago that the global fashion wardrobe works in mysterious ways. Time after time the once-forgotten styles jump back into our closets – often with added jazzy details. This realisation got my glasses senses tingling… Let’s climb into my GD time machine (conveniently tucked under my desk) and make our way back through the years to see how often particular trends have returned, and how they have evolved over the years! Hold on tight here we go…

1940-1950: Cat-eye-inspired styles

One of my favourite blonde bombshells Marilyn Monroe and a quirky Katy Perry

1960-1970: Classic Wayfarers

Lady of class Audrey Hepburn set the style in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the lady of craze Lady Gaga continues it

1980-1990: The pilot Aviators

Tom Cruise started the craze in the 1980’s hit film Top Gun and the ever-intriguing Megan Fox keeps it current – proving you don’t need to fly a plane to rock this look

1990-2000: The Clubmaster

Mr Orange set off the clubmaster look in Reservoir Dogs and gorgeous blood-sucker Robert Pattinson shows us how it’s done right now