Wayne Rooney, David Arquette and Tiger Woods all have something in common. Aside from the fact each one of these stars has been allegedly unfaithful to their wives in the last 12 months (that we know of) they also all hide behind their shades, unwilling to have any eye contact that might just give away the guilt they are feeling. Well it turns out that these celebrities might just be making it worse for themselves. Out of 1,000 people questioned by Glasses Direct, 81% said that not being able to see their eyes makes them seem even less trustworthy.

It’s unlikely you will ever see a celebrity without their sunglasses when something traumatic has happened or if they have been pushed into the public eye. Courtney Cox and Christina Aguilera hid behind their chic shades recently when their divorces were announced to the public.

So if you have something to hide, or just want to hide what you’re really thinking, why not do it the celeb way; behind a pair of stylish shades? See some of our celeb favourites here…

Wayfarer: John Lennon Jl260F


Aviator: Cowboy


Classic: Jeff Banks st007


Retro: Tommy Hilfiger 3393