We have been lucky enough to have ex model and body language expert Judi James with us in the GD office this week and she has given us her Top Ten Tips on how to feel confident wearing your glasses, in perfect time for the festive season. If you’re looking to find someone special this Christmas, or want to start the New Year off in style, take a look at Judi’s tips and let us know how you get on, we’d love to hear your stories! Take a look at her video on Closer Online to ensure your giving off the right impression with your body language!

1.       If you lack confidence choose eyewear that most accurately reflects your style. Great frames should be an extension of your personality!

2.       If you’re keen to try a high fashion or an individual frame but are feeling a little nervous, try working in steps. Go for a slightly less dramatic version first before stepping up to your character frames.

3.       Always get to know your own face in the glasses before wearing them in front of others. Get someone to film or photograph you in your glasses, wearing a variety of facial expressions.

4.       Your intrapersonal messages will be important, which means that you need to use positive mantras about your glasses rather than telling yourself that you look strange or wrong.

5.       Relax your eye expression when you’re studying yourself in your new glasses. We often tend to stare or look too serious and wide eyed.

6.       Keep your hands away from the frames once you’re wearing them. Face touching gestures signal anxiety and it will look as if you’re trying to hide them.

7.       Let other people know that you love your new frames rather than always asking their opinion or making derogatory comments which can lead to your confidence diminishing as result.

8.       Don’t duck your head when wearing your glasses. This classic ‘shy’ gesture will show you’re anxious about the way you look.

9.       Never ‘announce’ your new frames. Don’t put them on in front of other people, arrive wearing them instead. Arriving in them allows you to be nonchalant and upbeat!

10.    Use your frames. It’s common in business meetings for people to take them off and gesticulate with them to emphasise their points. Using them as an extension of your body language gestures will create an inner confidence.