Do you like to rock out to your most adored bands at the weekend? Or do you enjoy regular shopping trips and sipping cosmos with your friends? Do you tend to go with the flow but have a fiery personality? Or are you just a unique character who is perhaps slightly quirky and loves mixing and matching to create your own style? Have a read and see what specs match you…

Hippie Harriet

John Lennon JL260F glasses

You suddenly stop to admire a long flowing skirt, your carefree wavy hair blowing in the gentle breeze. Sound like you? Hippie chicks don’t need to work hard to be stylish, just a dash of emerald eyeliner gives these fresh-faced beauties an effortless edge. So keep it simple but cool in these John Lennon Jlf206f frames.

City-Belle Charlie

Bjorn Borg Vanity 1 glasses

Moving with powerful grace through the busy streets of London, rocking a crisp white shirt and pencil skirt combo and finishing the look off with your sexiest pair of Jimmy Choos. You’re unstoppable! Men go weak at the knees, women green with envy. Accompany this with a pair of Bjorn Borg to complete that city chick look and let the business world know you’re not to be messed with!

Indie Cindy

John Lennon JL13BF glasses

Indie girls are effortlessly cool! From their unique love for music to their eccentric fashion sense, together with that look of “I’m going to do it my way!” Accessories play an important part in any style so if you’re a strong independent Indie lady, pull on your fave skinny jeans, grab a pair of John Lennon Jl13bf specs, and show the world how it’s done!

Rock Chick Rita

Bjorn Borg Clijster glasses

See that girl in the corner? The one oozing sex appeal and a glint of rebellious flare dancing in their eyes? That my friends is one foxy rock chick. Smoky eyes and your most daring band t-shirt are a must for every rock goddess. They are all about making a statement, so if this is your scene, complete your look with the bold Bjorn Borg Clijster in white.