Jennie, one of our lovely Dispensing Opticians here at Glasses Direct, took along a couple of our Bolle ski googles to test out during a skiing trip to Serre Chevalier – Bolle Simmer and Bolle Nebula. So if you’re pondering on which ski goggles to go for, have a read of this and hopefully it will help you decide!

“With my holiday fast approaching I was very excited to be offered the chance to try two pairs of Bolle ski goggles for the week. The weather was forecast to be sunny all week so I was a little concerned that I would be too hot wearing the goggles. However my fears were unfounded as they had fantastic ventilation and didn’t steam up or make me feel too enclosed at all.

The art work on the front of the goggle was very attractive and provoked a few compliments from my fellow skiers. They were very comfy to wear, with an adjustable strap. The best feature was definitely the lenses, having a mirror finish to combat the glare and an excellent brown/red filter within the lens, which was ideal in the contrasting light conditions we experienced. One minute it would be bright sunlight and the next it was shade. At one point a member of my group had to remove his grey tinted sunglasses as he could not see where he was going – he borrowed the Bolle goggles and this was no longer a problem, and he could see the terrain clearly again. As a novice skier this was very welcome.

Overall the goggles were a great success and liked by all who tried them out. One small criticism would be that they might suit a more petite to average build rather than a person with a larger head.

On the whole the goggles enhanced our holiday experience, maybe next year we can get the loan of a holiday as well as the goggles…..”