In the good old days, if you wanted glasses that you could wear indoors and out, you either needed to live in a house with no roof, with very good lighting or own two pairs of glasses. These days there’s a slightly better way to solve the problem and save some hard earned cash in the process. The best, and most popular colour-changing lenses are made by ®Transitions lenses and, if combined with the right frame, can be a brilliant solution to the ” Why can’t I have one pair of specs that do everything” problem. But first, a little history.

The original colour-changing lenses date back to when most lenses were glass. These were known as “Photochromic lenses” or “Reactolite lenses” and although very effective at going from light to dark, weren’t quite so great at going the other way and normally resulted in a lovely grey/yellow colour as they slowly baked over time. Nice. Now the lenses are plastic and although the basic process remains the same, the main manufacturer (Transitions) has pioneered the technology over the six or so generations of transition lenses, so they darken quicker and change back quicker too.

Before we all dash and purchase a pair in the faint hope we all enjoy a long and hot summer, it is important to remember, that although transition lenses work wonders most of the time, there’s a couple of points to keep in mind. The lenses darken under exposure to UV, so the stronger the UV the quicker and darker they change. This can mean in some climates they will be very dark and others a lot lighter. Also, we don’t recommended transition lenses for driving in sunlight as the windscreen does a great job of blocking the UV. So expect a paler lens in the car or a) buy a convertible b) saw off the roof or c) drive while holding the glasses out the window.

The truly great thing about transition lenses is that they will adapt to suit all conditions, so you don’t need to keep changing your glasses. They also provide 100% UV protection, so you know your eyes are safe no matter what location you’re at. All we need now is some of that glorious sunshine the UK is world famous for… ahem.