Along with fruit printed tailoring and dip-dye hair, the trend for circular specs has had a re-surge after laying dormant for a fair few seasons (or decades). Our style spies have spotted numerous members of the taste-making community opting for the more circular styles of specs, giving a nod to its most famous ambassador, John Lennon. Accessible, laid back, and practical to boot, wayfarers better watch out as there’s a new kid in town! Question is, will you be tempted to turn back time and opt for some retro roundness? We may not be chucking our wayfarers out just yet, but we’re sure going to add some circulars to our all-seeing collection this year.

Taking a trip down memory lane, inspiration for this current trend can be traced back to some truly iconic figures spanning across the globe. John Lennon’s iconic stature of hippy hair and peace loving politics is depicted to this day by fans and followers with classic black circular specs and sunglasses. Another great hero of our time is the late Gandhi, political and ideological leader of the Indian independence movement in the early part of the 20th century. Another physical image immortalised by circular specs. Take note, those who wish to make their mark on modern day society. Specs appeal is ruling the roost! And, fast-forward to current times, the most noticeable devotee of this retro inspired silhouette is Mary-Kate Olsen. Along with her twin sibling, Ashley Olsen, the actress-cum- designer has certainly made her mark and when it comes to specs and sunnies, circular silhouettes seem to have become a key part of her iconic look, with perhaps her harshest critics; the fashion community giving their approval of her circular preference.  We’ve also spied scads of round frames on noses of other off-duty starlets and fashionistas alike too including Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga.


Amongst the standout examples this season, the versions at Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Ray-Ban particularly impressed us, whilst Polo, by Ralph Lauren have included some heritage inspired designs for guys who channel the style of a scholar. So, aside JK Rowling’s boy wizard, Harry Potter, who by all accounts seems to be having a fashion moment of his own, there seems to be a growing amount of celebrities who are wearing rounded specs. Johnny Depp is known for wearing these cool rounded frames like our Lucky Brand Morrison. – just add your prescription for the perfect vision and perfect style.

Tortoiseshell is an especially strong print this season that’s spanning its shell across all different shapes and sizes of spec and sunglasses, but we especially love the heritage effect it gives to the round spec and its softening effect it has against smaller features and face shapes like our Mexx specs. Black looks fantastic against dark skin and hair, whilst blondes and red heads should opt for Havana prints and tortoiseshell. For hippy-chic, gals should team their circular frames with a centre parting and sleek locks. Boys; anything goes, but try out a masculine version of the top knot (think Gavin Rossdale and Russel Brand) for a catwalk edge.

And you don’t need a Dr’s note to try out the circular trend either. If you’re vision is 20/20, you can buy any of our frames at Glasses Direct, without prescription lenses.