Well the sun is shining (for a change) and if you’ve just tuned in to BBC2 you’ll see that The British Open Golf Championship is once again unleashed upon sport fans, and even if you have no interest in the sport itself, it’s a good excuse to watch as Mark Twain commented “a good walk spoilt”.

So day two of four has just kicked off with all the usual subtle flair that golf can muster. Thankfully the days of flared trousers and Pringle tops have disappeared and have now been replaced with designer outfits and matching hats boasting corporate logos. As the times have changed, so have the technologies, and a massive change has been with sunglasses. Almost all the golfers now wear sunglasses when needed, and the right pair of shades can make a massive difference to the golfer’s vision and performance.

One of the biggest providers of sunglasses for sports is Oakley. A name well recognised and its influence in the world of golf is huge. As a golfer myself to a pretty high standard I went after the perfect pair of Oakley shades a few years ago and came up trumps with their M frame. A wrap around style that came with three interchangeable lenses depending on the conditions. Indeed, their G30 lens (designed purely as a golf lens due to its high contrast) was one of the finest lenses I’ve ever looked through. I’m not sure how it helped my golf but the extra depth of vision it gave was unsurpassed.

Unfortunately there’s a hitch and that’s the price. Most top models like the Oakley M frame are at least £100 for the frames alone and once you start buying interchangeable lenses, the cost soon moves above what most people would like to part with for a pair of shades. Thankfully it is possible to achieve similar results for a fraction of the price at Glasses Direct. The choice of a nice deep frame – such as our Cowboy frames for example – matched with a brown tint (for good contrast in mixed conditions), a yellow tint (if it’s overcast) or a grey tint (if it’s very bright) can create the same effect at a much reduced cost. The deep frame provides not only good sun protection but also wind protection (especially if you wear contact lenses) which can have a huge impact on golfers, especially in locations like The Open this week.

So next time you venture out to the first tee, make sure you have the right eyewear. It may knock a few shots of the score without costing you a week’s wages!