Come September the Glasses Direct team are ready for something new, and call us weird but we’re kinda looking forward to those chilly but bright mornings and of course, the excuse to update our wardrobe. Don’t get us wrong, summer will always hold a special place in our hearts, especially when it decides to behave itself and NOT rain but for us, the coming autumnal months hold that ‘back to school’ excitement. You know what we mean, when you hadn’t seen your school mates for 6 weeks, you’d got bored with playing with your siblings and quite frankly, a bit fed up with your family in general. Granted, that feeling lasted for approximately 9 minutes before you were once again wishing you were elsewhere, but still, that exciting  and nostalgic vibe still hits the Glasses Direct crew come September.

This time round though the fresh vibe that September brings has moved on from the perils of pinchy new school shoes and shiny new satchels. A new season brings a new wardrobe of clobber- whether it be for your 9 to 5 working week attire, or to accompany your new found weekend hobby. Either way, a new pair of glasses are the order of the day. 2 pairs in fact. And to give you lot a little loving we’ve got an amazing sale on at the moment. Just click on our homepage here to see the deal and start getting involved in saving 40% off ALL of our frames at Glasses Direct. And when we say all, we mean all of them! But wait, there’s more! You STILL get a pair free with this deal too! Hurry though guys, you’ve only got until midnight this Thursday to claim the full 40%. Then it goes down to 30% until midnight Saturday and finally, 20% off until Monday. Once midnight has struck, the deal finishes. And you’ll turn into a pumpkin….