To be honest, we’ve never really paid an amazing amount of attention to Justin Beiber (sorry girls) until that is the 17 year old heart throb bespectacled himself at this year’s VMA awards, where he was nominated for his video, ‘Make You Smile’. We seen the error of our ways and sat up and taken notice, so sorry about that.

An Echo of screams rippled across the crowds as Beibs made his way along the red carpet in a classic tux jacket, on-trend skinny red jeans, a pair of oversized wayfarers and a snake. Yes, a snake. Bespeckled Biebs made his way into the award ceremony carrying a small white snake wrapped around his hand. We’re not sure how PETAs going to feel about this, or his girlfriend Selena Gomez for that matter, but whilst we’re waiting for the Beiber back-lash, we’re more than happy to focus on the singer’s impeccable taste in specs. Fast become the number one fashion accessory for both genders this season regardless of 20/20 vision or not, glasses can really give an edge to the safest of get ups. Adding a sartorial edge to an ultimately rock n roll-inspired ensemble, Beiber opts for a wayfarer silhouette in a mixture of acetate and metal. Oversized and softly square, Beiber’s framework can be re created with the John Lennon JL13BF

Add Some Rock Heritage with John Lennon

Neat and on trend, this tidy wayfarer inspired frame ticks all the right boxes when teamed with this season’s tailored pieces. Wear with jeans and your favourite biker, or for a more polished look gentleman, why not stir things up a little in the boardroom and get the office gossips talking.

Oh, and from now on we’ll be taking a little more notice of Mr Beiber and his style choices. Good work young man, gold style star from Team GD…

…Not sure on the snake though, we’ll leave that to you guys to comment.