As a slight departure from the normal film related spectacle tie in (think Clark Kent or Harry Potter), I thought I’d flip the view a little bit and take a peek behind the camera with a quick retrospective nod to some of the great be-spectacled directors of our time. Never really seen on screen (except when it comes to plugging their next must-see project) there are quite a few directors known for their face furniture.

So, its curtains up and roll VT for the following ‘Directorial Gods of Geek’.

Simon Pegg

Although known more now for his exceptionally funny film work (yes I’m a massive fan), Pegg’s early work can be seen in the C4 sitcom Spaced, which he wrote alongside writer pal, Edgar Wright. Responsible for writing what is possibly the greatest sitcom of all time, the two also collaborated in writing Brit flick, Shaun of the Dead which also starred Pegg’s best mate Nick Frost (also a specs man).

Oscar for a future Oscar winner

Martin Scorsese

Well, where do I begin with possibly the greatest director of all time. Films such as ‘Mean Streets’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Raging Bull’ and ‘The King of Comedy’, would compliment a life time’s work for most directors, but to then follow those up with ‘Goodfellas’, ‘Cape Fear’, ‘Casino’ and ‘Gangs of New York’ is almost too much for my peas sized brain to comprehend! With 3 films in post production at the moment, his Royal Specciness seems unable to slow down. A big thumbs up from Team GD.

A classic for a classic.

Steven Spielberg

Probably one of the greatest directors of all time with a rare ability to bring together sensitive films (‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’) huge box office results (E.T, Jurassic Park) and futuristic ideas (‘A.I’ and ‘Minority Report’), Mr Spielberg can do no wrong in the move world and with his subtle style of specs as his trademark (along with the beard), his choice of scripts are spot on. Having invented the idea of the summer block buster with ‘Jaws’ he also co-produced ‘Shrek’ and the lesser know, but with a cult following, ‘Pinky and The Brain’.

The Portobello from London Retro

Danny Boyle

If you ignore ‘The Beach’” this Brit director has barely put a foot wrong. Bursting onto the big screen in 1994 with ‘Shallow Grave’ and quickly following it up with ‘Trainspotting’ (has there ever been a better follow up movie?), Mr Boyle has just delivered the double whammy of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘127 Hours’ and with new film ‘Trance’ out in 2013, this visionary genius is set to show us his best yet.

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Steven Soderbergh

Well, we can start with the genius that is ‘Sex, Lies and Videotapes’ and move swiftly on to ‘The Usual Suspects’ (and yes it’s Kevin Spacey, I thought everyone knew that?) and end up with ‘Oceans 11’ and ‘Traffic’. With a remake of the classic ‘The man from U.N.C.L.E’ on the way next year with long term collaborator George Clooney (calm down ladies), the specs of Mr S are set to continue being stellar.

Neat and masculine: the Madrid

Guillermo del Toro

Maybe not a well known director to part-time movie buffs, the Mexican great is probably best known for ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ but surprisingly, also had a hand in ‘Kung Fu Panda’……so a slight departure for him there then! His spec of preference is the classic round eye, a la John Lennon. Easily achievable with our own the John Lennon collection.

The John Lennon JL260

Ethan Coen

As one half of the aptly named Coen Brothers (with brother Joel and his unruly hair), he has helped write and direct some truly modern greats. Kickstarting his career with ‘Blood Simple’ and ‘Raising Arizona’ in 1984 and 1987 respectively ,he has become one of The greats in edgy direction. Their style of film making (see ‘Fargo’, ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’) is founded on self belief, a unique camera style and clear vision.

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Tim Burton

This man should win an award purely for his hair, but having directed films such as ‘Beetlejuice, ‘Edward Scissorhands’, ‘Mars Attacks’ and ‘Corpse Bride’ Burton’s directing talent over-rides the crazy mop. The gothic theme he puts in his films, coupled with his style and frequent use of Johnny Depp mean his films are always visually stunning and his re-invention of the Batman franchise proves his genius……as does his taste in specs.

Acheive a more wearable Burton vibe with the ST002

Spike Lee

Known just as much for his film topics as the films themselves, Spike Lee has never been one to shy away from directing controversy. ‘Do the Right Thing’, ‘Jungle Fever’ and ‘Malcolm X’ have all show cased his brilliance, and with ‘Summer of Sam’ he showed why he one of America’s greats in direction. His choice of frames is equally out spoken. Be inspired if you feel brave enough with the Mexx 5358.

Frame it like Spike.

Woody Allen

Having written 68, directed 47 and starred in 42 to date, Mr Allan Stewart Konigsberg, now pushing 76, has long been associated with his iconic specs and although some may say his vision may have been a good reason for his rather poor films in the last few years, his early works such as ‘Bananas’, ‘Love and Death’ and ‘Husbands and Wives’ are surely classics of the highest order.

Oh-so very Woody.

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