In our opinion, its seasoned dudes like David Hockney who help place Britain firmly on map, when it comes to producing artistic greats.

British Icon: Hockney

The 74 year old was promoting a newly devised technique of filming video art that is ‘better than 3D’ yesterday, whilst at the press release of his up and coming exhibition in London. Using 9 cameras to create ‘9D’ film Hockney also spoke of being able to create landscapes with his iPad as ‘fantastic’. The pioneering artist used a mixture of up-to-the minute technology to produce his retrospective exhibition which starts at the end of January 2012 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

A legend for a legend: John Lennon JL10B

Hockney showcased his iconic style at the press launch with a pair of circular tortoiseshell specs: A style of which he’s become synonymous with since his first foray into the art world, along with his series of swimming pool paintings that he produced whilst living in LA, back in the 1960s. The British artist who spent many a year living in California, cemented his name in the art world with his highly realistic style and vibrant colours, as well as being famed for rubbing shoulders with the likes of Andy Warhol and fashion designer Celia Birtwell (who appears in several of his works).
With an heir of ‘agelessness’ about him, Hockney looked bright eyed and switched on, showing us how true timeless style is achieved. We love Hockney’s choice of symmetrical specs, which would add a sartorial edge to the most casual of outfits and perfect for this season’s preppy trend, for boy or for girl.
Hockey’s exhibition ‘Bigger Picture ‘runs from 21st January to 9th April next year at the Royal Academy of Arts.