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After last week’s movie themed blog, I wondered what it would be like if I could gather my all time favourite spectacle wearers around the dinner table, open a bottle of 1946 Chateau Petrus Pomerol (sold at auction for £25,570 a bottle….well why not spoil my guests) and generally chew the fat and put the world to rights. Well if I am going to open such a fine wine I would need to choose my dinner companions wisely. Criteria such as story telling, knowledge of clever jokes (nothing smutty you understand), insightful anecdotes, dress sense and worldly wisdom would all be considered and of course spectacle choice would be key.

But before I begin, first things first; this dinner party needs a chef and the only man capable of creating a meal as fine as the conversation is Heston Blumenthal. Renowned gastronome and full time specs man, no man on the planet can cook something that looks like steak but tastes like strawberries and his choice of spectacle is equally brilliant.

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Right, so that’s the food sorted, so it’s time to pour the G&T’s while I await my first guest.

Well who can this be?…….First to press my bell is Peter Ustinov. Not a man renowned for his specs but none the less a glasses man. He became synonymous with his portrayal of Poirot and later on for his UN work and world travels. A true gentleman with a story for every occasion. As the great man himself said…… “I am an international citizen conceived in Russia, born in England, working in Hollywood, living in Switzerland, and touring the World”

Stetson ST XL8

Next to the door is Steve Martin. An all time legend in film comedy and although he’s hasn’t been firing on all cylinders lately, his early films in the 70’s put him at the top of his genre. I think we’ll skip “Pink Panther 2″ and steer the conversation towards ‘Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels” instead.

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And finally to make up my table of 4 (it’s a small table, I blew most of my money on the wine) is Lisa Loeb. Now for those of you who don’t know, Lisa is a singer/song writer (you’ll know who when you listen to “Stay”) who isn’t on the scene a lot but has been around a long time in the biz. I had the pleasure of seeing her do a show in Washington about 10 years ago and she blew me away so she’s on the list for that reason alone. She has also just launched her own range of specs so I’d quite like to swap ideas!

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Well, now all my guests have arrived, let the starters begin! So if you don’t mind….please close the door behind you. Thankyou