At Glasses Direct, we’ve always believed that those behind glass are those with a timeless style. For instance, worldwide renowned designer Yves Saint Laurent may have been short sighted wearing glasses from an early age, but was a visionary within the fashion world and today his designs influence some of the most coveted designers out there. From the get go, the press painted him as this vulnerable style genius, an image arguably emphasized by his glasses. The thickness of the framework was a stark contrast to his slight frame creating an air of creative intellect.

Get the look with Mai Tai:
Mai Tai

60s icon, Warhol was heavily identified with his glasses; from the harsh dark shapes, to the clear perspex rectangular ones of the 70s. An anti-fashion look, which ultimately resulted in a fashion movement, the art-school geek look was the accidental man of the moment.
With an overload of pretty, cookie cutter celebs now at an over-spill, the power than glasses have to cut through the style chaff has increased by ten-fold.

Take after Warhol with Benetton BE133:

Boyish and gorgeous, Alexa Chung’s off beat wardrobe contrasts against the diamante clad glamour of today’s pin-ups with her specs playing a key part in achieving her stellar star status on both sides of the pond.

Steal Alexa’s style with Lucky Brand Cliff:

For an unexpected twist on the usual hip-hop mogul’s wardrobe, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Tinie Tempah have swapped their anti-pap shades for quirky specs, tapping into the preppy trend with an individual, urban edge.

Try Mai Tai in black for a quirky, preppy style:
Mai Tai

Two naturally ‘spectacled’ heroes from the pre-millennium corner are The Smiths front man Morrissey (NHS specs with quiff in the 80s) and in the 90s, Jarvis Cocker (dorky frames, skinny hips, Michael Jackson insults).

Get a bit of Jarvis style with Harold:

This season, we’re predicting a surge of celebrities making a spectacle of themselves (see what we did there?), and we’re not talking about falling out of a cab, sans knickers a la Lohan either. With taste makers such as Justin Timberlake and Chloe Sevigny leaving the contact lenses at home, we’re going to be keeping a beady eye on the London Fashion Week shows this week to see who sends their models down the runway with some all seeing specs on.