We’d love to know what Ursuala was saying here…. answers on a postcard.


Old Hollywood romance is something that’s about as extinct as our visits to the gym, so when we read about the auctioning off of Tinseltown legend, James Dean’s love letters to his then girlfriend Barbara Glenn, there was a collective steaming over of lenses and wistful sighs (from the girls, anyway). With only 4 films under his belt before his tragic death in 1954, James Dean is still talked about and hailed as a Hollywood great. To this day, men want to be him and women, be with him. The figure of James Dean is one with undeniable sex appeal and of course, specs appeal.

For a man who managed to immortalise the white tee and leather jacket combo into a timeless trend, it’s a ‘go figure’ that his hotness also smouldered in a pair of reading glasses. Just check him out in this archive snap that we’ve dug up. Looking sartorially handsome, albeit a bit brow-beaten Dean is pictured with Bond girl and beau Ursula Andress (we’d give our right eye to know what she was saying) at the Thalian Ball on August 29 1955 at Ciro’s nightclub in Los Angeles. This era-capturing snap encompasses Dean’s style and how the tragically yet iconic actor gained and has continued to retain a global following. Teaming a classic tux with tortoiseshell reading glasses, the actor opted for a soft wayfarer outline to compliment his chiselled features and fair, but brooding looks. We’re sure that you’ll agree that ‘dapper’ just isn’t the word, so gents, may we suggest that it’s time to invest in some tortoiseshell specs and make like a movie star. Just see those ladies swoon in your office!

…  and  you never know, you might even snare your own Ursuala.

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