London Retro gals, Carole and Sarah

The other week myself and buyer Carole, paid a visit to our friends at Easy Living Magazine in answer their so far, rather fruitless search for high quality frames that also owned some seriously god-darn-hot style credientials.

*cough, cough-a-hem,a-hem*

Yeah, so that’s where we came in. Us and London Retro that is. We tottered along to their Conde Nast offices in Old Bond St, where they’re nestled conveniently between Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbanna (step AWAY from the pretty lights and dresses, Carole!) to show them the London Retro collection and talk about getting the balance of practicle-meets-pretty, spot on.

Being the stylish gals that they are, the fashion and beauty teams soon set to work on parading the frames about the office for that vital ‘secon opinion’ and LOVED our trial service too.  Read the Easy Living Magazine write up by their Beauty and Health Director, Catherine Turner below:

Nerd Chic Specs

Easy Living Ladies in London Retro

You’re no-one unless you have a pair of thick framed vintage-looking specs at the moment – the bigger the better. It started with the fash pack and celebs wearing RayBans and Persols. Now the majority of the Easy Living team (that’s us above) are wearing them and we suggest you get yours asap before the trend changes. We all know what a minefield choosing a pair of glassesthat suit can be, plus it’s a fine line between nerd chic and plain old nerd. That’s why the entire office mobbed Carol and Sarah, the ladies from online glasses (photographed together above) when they visited us the other day. We all got the chance to try on their latest collection – a concise edit of perfectly formed and exclusively designed nerd chic frames to suit all tastes and face shapes. Rule of thumb, those with heart shaped faces suit smaller, rounded shapes, or 50s winged ones if your style is more retro. Most of the rest of us suit the classic bookish looks, and, surprisingly, the larger, bordering on Michael Caine specs look really feminine on those willing to carry them off. Think colour too – the London Retro collection features muted hues of gun metal, caramel and wine more flattering to paler skins and more delicate features as well as classic black. Biggest bonus is, shopping online for glasses means you get to try on at home and really see how you look and feel in them with no salespeople breathing down your neck. For £5 (redeemable on your purchase) you can choose 3 styles to be sent to you to try on at your leisure. The returns sticker makes it easy to send the ones you don’t want back – no hassle. Best of all these cool frames are £99 each. Hurrah high fashion and practical do meet!