As befits a man like Steve Jobs, I thought I would write Glasses Direct’s own little homage to the man who changed all our technological lives. The papers and internet have been inundated with countless articles about the iGenius since his sad passing, talking about his impact on the modern world and the way in which his vision for the future have come to shape our own. I can not even remember a time without an iPod, iPhone or Mac…..can you?

The Late Steve Jobs

From his early days working as a technician at Atari, Jobs was always a visionary. The start of things with the Mackintosh personal computer lead to the iMac G3. Then came the IOS software which would revolutionize portable gaming. Then came the iPod, iPod touch, iPhone and of course the iPad. Combine this with the introduction of iTunes and the brilliant idea to turn computers into works of art with the stunning Mac computers, and you have a whole family of products that not only combine form and function so perfectly, they actually simplify the way in which we work and play, resulting in Apple being totally unique. The ease of use and the ability to sync to your other devices made all these products unbelievably friendly (bearing in mind none of these products ever came with instructions) and that is, of course, why they sell like they do.

If there was any more proof needed of his genius, we also have Jobs to thank for bringing us films Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Up. Jobs bought The Graphics Group, which was then part of LucasFilm in 1986, changed it’s name to Pixar and shifted the company focus to making animation and like they say, the rest is history. He later sold the company back to Disney for the not too shabby a sum of $7.4 billion.

So the world mourns, not only for a great man but a great inventor, a great leader and a great visionary. His trade mark jeans, black roll neck and round glasses made him look like a slightly tired college professor but underneath all that was so much more. Bill Gates called him a genius, comparing his impact on the world to that of Einstein. By my reckoning, that’s probably not too far off the mark.

So, as the Glasses Direct team look back on the man that bought so much to modern day living, quietly making a worldwide impact on how society functions we’re making like the late and great Jobs and keeping out specs subtle, round and rimless. Quietly functional and fabulous: RIP Mr Apple, thanks for taking a bite out of society and leaving a lasting impression.