German Fuhrer and Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945) (center, in glasses) and members of his General Staff review plans for ‘Operation Bodenplatte’ (also known as ‘the Great Blow’), an airstrike in support of the Ardennes offensive, scheduled for January first, Germany, late 1944. Also pictured are Reich Marshal Hermann Goering (1893 – 1946) (left, leaning over table), Head of the Security Police in France, SS officer Dr. Helmut Knochen (1910 – 2003) (second left, behind Goering), an undentified SS Gruppenfuhrer, unidentified (probably a Luftwaffe officer), and Commander of the General Staff Heinz Guderian (1888 – 1954). (Photo by Heinrich Hoffman/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)