I thought, rather than the normal “look back at the life of” article, I’d reel off a few, maybe, rather unusual facts about the life of the great man. It seems the only way show how much Sir Jimmy, commonly mocked for his catch phrases and dress sense, actually gave to the world of radio, tv and charity……….so deep breath and here goes.

He was born in 1926 and was the youngest of 7 children.

He was a semi professional wrestler but lost all of his 35 bouts (apparently no one wanted to lose to a long haired DJ)

He presented his first tv programme in 1960 and although shown in black and white, he dyed his hair a different colour every week.

He was the first presenter of Top of The Pops on New Years Day 1964 (he also hosted the last ever episode in 2006)

Although always seen with a cigar, it was really a prop, as he never actually lit or smoked them.

He was a member of Mensa

He was chieftain of the Lochaber Highland Games

He was given an honourary commando green beret by The Royal Marines in the 70’s for completing their 30 mile speed march (one of only 2 civilians to do so).

He was a Knight of Malta and a fellow of The Royal College of Radiologists.

He raised more than £40 million for charity.

He died just two days short of his 85th birthday.


Jimmy's Choice

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