As the festive season is well and truly upon us, it’s a long standing tradition for us all to be bombarded with films and TV shows aimed squarely at the kids. This is probably a) to try to keep the occupied for more than 15 seconds and b) for them all to pipe up to the chorus of “Daddy, can I have one of those?” (of which the standard reply is always “ask your mother”).

So to help celebrate Christmas and all this lovely time we get to spend with the little ones, here is the Glasses Direct top 10 spectacle wearing cartoon characters (in no particular order of popularity!)

1. Hans Moleman (The Simpsons)

The oldest nerd on the planet, Hans is basically a magnet for any mishap that could and would happen to anyone anywhere, let alone in Springfield where the laws of Homer apply!

2. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

Yes he does actually wear specs! They just happen to be very thin and exactly the same lens shape as his eyes.  Although not the ideal role model for young children (let alone his own), we salute Peter’s slightly distorted view of the world.

3. Penfold (Dangermouse)

Ernest Penfold, half battling side kick to Dangermouse and half bumbling fool who always needed rescuing from the clutches of Baron Greenback. Either way, Mr P is a spec wearing legend who deserves recognition in our top 10 list.

4. Velma (Scooby Doo)

Or “The brainy one of the bunch”. Ms Dinkley was a total nerd but somehow cool at the same time and with specs that big wasn’t afraid to flaunt her short sightedness.

Grab a pair of black Mai Tai’s and a VW camper van and you’re a one man sleuthing machine!

Velma's choice


5. Spongebob Squarepants

Rather than use his specs for reading, Spongebob uses them for catching jellyfish, not something that most of us use our specs for but a crucial skill non the less. Subtly cleverly than the average cartoon series, SBSP is smarter than the average sponge.

6. Professor Frink (The Simpsons)

Epitomising the classic “too clever for his own good” spec wearing science nerd, professor  John I Q Nerdelbaum Frink Jnr is a genius beyond compare. Named after one of the writers on the show and based on Jerry Lewis’s character in The Nutty Professor, he slips between conversations Einstein would struggle to understand and complete gibberish.

Nerd it up Frink style with the JL260F

Neat classics from John Lennon

9. Chuckie (Rugrats)

This flame haired 2 year old almost made it respectable for kids to wear….lose…..and wear again big, thick rimmed specs. Well almost.

Lose the nappy but gain the look with our very own GD Classique 6

Over-sized and on-trend

10. Johnny Bravo

Somewhere between a stand in for a West Side Story extra and a one man Elvis tribute, Johnny B was dumb, vein but ultimately the coolest dude on the telly sporting a rather small but chic pair of black sunglasses.

London Retro Kings

Be as cool as JB with the London Retro Kings with matching dark tint.