Aside the spot light hitting Jenna Lyons’ marital status, rather than her undeniable talent, the J Crew creative director still remains one of the most influential women in fashion.

Now, in a newly-released interview, the spec-wearing genius of dress-down chic, reveals the secrets to her distinctive personal style.

Speaking during her label’s debut presentation at New York Fashion Week in September, she described how important it was to have a degree of imperfection in an outfit- A girl, quite frankly after our own heart. She told PopSugar TV:

I think to me there’s always got to be something that sort of turns it off – meaning, if everything’s shiny, there has to be something that feels a little casual, or something has to be a little messy. Things can’t always be perfect, not everything can be buttoned, you know, there’s got to be something that turns it on its head.’


Chic, understated : Jenna Lyons in tortoiseshell specs


And lest we forget her impeccable taste in glasses, as the 42 year old fashion designer dons tortoiseshell specs with effortless panache whilst showcasing this Spring Summer 12 collection at New York Fashion Week. Teaming her soft brown wayfarers with an understated cream shirt dress, a Parisian inspired chignon and a slash of red lippy, Jenna Lyons showed how to channel imperfect perfection. Maybe she’ll extend her Midus touch to specs… watch this space people! We live in hope!

Get the look with Mai Tai in tortoiseshell:

Mai Tai Specs