Above: She wears ‘Miller’.

With disposable consumerism seemingly reaching an all-time high, we felt compelled to look into a way of keeping our carbon footprint’s mileage down, so when we came across eclectic eyewear brand Element we were pretty chuffed. Not only does this brand and its bunch of eco-warriors recycle acetate and metal to make their 10-strong-and-growing collection of specs, they also make their designs contemporary and wearable, too.

Norton; our personal Element favs:



Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of doing good and therefore feeling good, but sometimes it’s tough finding eco-conscious products that won’t compromise on style, so the fact that ‘Team Element’ have cracked the common ‘Eco V’s Stylish’ dilemma with such brilliance, makes us love the collection even more.

Shop The Collection Here: http://glassesdirect.co.uk/element-glasses/

We caught up with Element designer; Olivia Steel to get the 411 on what makes the designer and her team tick when it comes to creating eco-friendly glasses:

GD: So what made you decide to take up the challenge of designing recyclable frames? Not that we’re complaining, of course!

OS: We noticed that there wasn’t anything out there that offered stylish, affordable and eco-conscious glasses. So we decided to do something about it.

GD: So how do you do it?

OS: Well, when a frame is cut out of acetate, there are always off-cuts left over. We collect all of these up, merge them together (all colours and prints together) to make more Element acetate and therefore create Element frames. Our metal frames are made from all manner of recyclable metals, too and each frame comes with a case that is made from a mixture of recycled iron, recycled plastic bottles and 50% recycled blister material (we’re working on the other 50%).

GD: So what about the styles? Where do you guys get your inspiration from?

OS: Our trend analysts keep their highly trained fingers on the fashion pulse to ensure that we’re creating stylish and wearable frames. We also take inspiration from renowned scientists specialising in the effects of climate change as well as silver screen stars who’ve become role models for environmentally conscious living.

GD: Ah yes, we’ve spotted a few frames who’s names ring a bell!

OS: Yeah, we had tons of fun coming up with those names….We’re also really intent on our frames being affordable without compromising on durability and quality, and  features such as sprung hinges and hypoallergenic acetate are included in our design processes.

GD: And your personal favourite?

OS: I’ve a soft spot for Caprio, but I think that the Natalie is gorgeous too- the red is my favourite.

GD: Thanks Oliva! we’ve ordered our favourite (the Norton, fyi) already!






Shop the collection here: http://glassesdirect.co.uk/element-glasses/