..Ok, so no exactly. More of a little spruce up as it was looking a tad tired of late. So, we gave it a couple of weeks holiday to recuperate from a busy 2012 so far and, ta-da!, please give a big swit-swoo to the new-improved Glasses Direct blog! You can link any posts or pictures we put here onto Facebook, Twitter and not forgetting, our new obsession Pinterest. Next time you’re updating your own mood board on Pinterest, look us up and have a browse at our own favourite images!

Talking of make-overs, we’re not the only ones who’ve been busy reassessing our body-work as it were. Our friends at ITV’s This Morning gave us a call and asked if we could help them out making 3 hard-working, well deserving mums, into glamour-puss yummy -mummys. We of course obliged and got busy in picking out some of our most on-trend and flattering styles for hardworking mum, Francine who was given an image overhaul by super-style duo Leo Bancroft and Glen Campbell.

Watch the amazing transformation, click on the below:

ITV\’s This Morning features Element Eyewear.


Francine, who had recently lost over 5 stone in weight was still wearing her baggy jumpers and jeans, and daughter Victoria thought it was about time she showed off her new figure. Sporting a jade green figure skimming dress and a simple but stylish nude clutch and heels, Francine was given a style injection with her prescription being incased by Element Eyewear frame, Goodall. Bringing out the childcare workers sparkly eyes and flattering her new make-up with its semi-rimmed silhouette, the Goodall proved to be the perfect choice to accessorise Francine’s final reveal. We think she looked fabulous! Don’t you think?


Element's Goodall