Lady Gaga and Sean Lennon show us how to wear retro frames

As well as the 40s being a major player in the style-games at the moment, the soulful sounds of the 50s have been making a comeback too. With the deaths of three very talented artists; Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston this year, soul music isn’t just finding its voice again, it’s becoming hugely vocal in the fashion industry too.

GD's Cowboy

There has been a plethora of celebrities going for the retro eyewear option. Lady Gaga (seen above with John Lennon’s son, Sean) really prettys up a pair of aviator frames, whilst Sean Lennon showcases his family jeans, looking timelessly handsome in a classic wayfarer style. More recently, US songwriter and singer, Raphael Saadiq has been snapped working a pair of retro spectacles into his sartorial attire very nicely.

Raphael Saadiq in mai-Tai-a-likes.

Raphael Saadiq in mai-Tai-a-likes.


GD Mai Tai


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