You could win all this!! (ok, JUST the Kindle, not the palm tree or girl...soz).

OK. So a slight update on our GD Book Worm Competition…But its good. Trust me!

We’re still planning on giving away one of our goody bags to the best book reviewer of April, BUT wait, there’s more!! We’re ALSO giving the winner a Kindle Touch too!! So get reading, reviewing and sharing with your friends people!!

Here’s how the competition works:

Email your entries to:
And don’t forget to include a picture  of yourself with the book!
(If you’re camera shy, just the book will do but we’d rather see your lovely faces!)

Each month, we’ll ask you guys to submit your reviews on a book you’ve read, which will then be posted onto our blog. Whichever review gets the most happy comments WINS!! Now we’re not daft. We know you guys are busy enough as it is, so we wouldn’t expect you to give up your time and carefully crafted words without a little give-back from us. So each monthly winner will receive a prize as well as a pair of glasses and this April, the winner will receive one of our goody bags from last week’s press event. Like what you see below? It could be yours. All you need to do is email us your review, along with a picture of yourself with the book your reviewing. Simples.


Good Luck!