You know what that means? Nope, we’re not joining Greenpeace and don’t expect you to either (you can if you want- send us a postcard or something). BUT, we are going to think long and hard about what we can do to look after our Earth that little bit more this year and continue with the do-gooding. You see, we learnt a lot from designing our own eco-conscious range, Element earlier on this year and it felt great knowing that our range of glasses were helping sustain the world’s resources.

Everyday can be a day that’s a do-good day (try saying that after a shandy!) From taking re-useable bags or old plastic bags to the shops instead of using their plastic bags, to turning off the lights when we leave the room. It’s the little things that count towards keeping the Earth ticking over. We’d like to hear about what it is you’ll be doing more or less of to help conserve our planet.

Tell us and spread the love. Now go hug a tree….

Turn those lights off!

(80s manicure optional)





Re-use your plastic bags… for anything you fancy.


Opt for recycled frames…..


Element Eyewear- The Caprio



…and responsibly made threads, ladies (any excuse to shop,eh?)

H&M's New SS12 Ad Campaign



What are you going to do? We want to hear ALLLLL about it!