I took this book on holiday to the beautiful island of Lanzarote three weeks ago. For the first time ever I had prescription sunglasses purchased from your good selves, so was able to sit and read in the sunshine without squinting! They were fantastic !

The Hunger Games- Accessorise with shades and a holiday in the sun!

 Now onto the book………. This is an easy read aimed  at the teenage market. If you liked the Twilight series you will love this book. Set in a futuristic land where every day for most ordinary people is a fight to survive as food is rationed by the government in the rich Capitol. It follows the story of Katiness Everdeen as she represents her district in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a true fight to the death as only one person out of 24 can win, the only way to win is to kill all of your opponents . A bit gory in places, this book keeps you riveted and wanting to know what happens next. As I mentioned I took this book on holiday and finished it in four days, I could not put it down. After I had read it my 11yr old daughter read it followed by my hubby. I can highly recommend this book , I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I paid 2 Euros just to get on the net to order the next two books so that they were there when I got back to Blighty! My daughter and hubby also enjoyed it and now want to see the film.

 A big fat 10/10 from us

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