‘I first read The Great Gatsby in senior school (over a decade ago) and have always remembered LOVING it. So, the recent revival of interest in it caused by the upcoming film adaption with Leonardo DiCaprio, Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire to name but a few, inspired me to pick up a copy again.


Carly gets down to some reading in the Mai Tai frame.

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It’s easy NOT to fall in love with the book – primarily because it’s so hard to fall in love, or even like, most of the characters. However it’s well worth persevering with, because Fitzgerald’s writing style IS totally lovable – especially when you realise it’s Fitzgerald’s intention that you can’t stand any of the characters!

When you read The Great Gatsby you have to look beyond setting, plot, characters and events. Fitzgerald allegedly reworked the novel over and over and over until he was satisfied with every single word, which you can actually believe when you think about what each word adds to the story. He doesn’t just tell us about events happening if they don’t develop characters or show or tell us anything new. Underneath the pretty standard love triangle romance on the surface, The Great Gatsby is a commentary on how the socioeconomic status you are born into in America is basically a prison sentence you are never released from, completely at odds with the ‘American Dream’. The settings, descriptions and characters all symbolises stereotypes and restrictions of the class structure in 1920′s New York.

Although we aren’t living in 1920s New York and may not be able to like or relate to the depressed and detestable characters living within in it in the novel, Fitzgerald’s suggestion that we are all subject to our history but that it is only natural to strive to achieve dreams above and beyond our past, is surely interesting for us all. So, although Fitzgerald’s conclusion that no matter what we do we are victims of our past seem bleak I urge you, Glasses Direct bookworms, to pick up his masterpiece and discover it for yourself! Do it quick, before the next blockbusting book-to-film-adaptation takes over the silver screen and no doubt alters the original material to make it more commercial – forcing it into familiar pigeonholes in hopes of reaching a broader and less discerning audience than I know you all are’.

Thanks Carly- we love a good classic ourselves.
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