Last Night in Twisted River, the twelfth book by John Irving is a novel spanning 20 years and featuresa story within a story. The novel focuses on the development of a novelist and the writing process,which is an interesting concept and makes for an entertaining story.

Last Night in Twisted River

From the man who wrote some of my favourite novels such as The Hotel New Hampshire, The World According To Garp, and perhaps most famously The Cedar House Rules; while I did enjoy Last Night in Twisted River, I did not love it as I had hoped I would. At times I even felt as if Irving’s writing was a bit flat and maybe a bit rushed; passing over events in the character’s lives with only a few words, events that I felt deserved more attention. Maybe this was a technique Irving was employing or a style he was using to emulate the speed with which real life events transpire, or maybe trying to cover 20 years in one book forces this pace, but in a way it left me feeling cheated of the moments that I think should have been expanded on further.

This novel closely follows Irving’s own career making this book the most autobiographical of hisworks. By creating a semi-autobiographical novel, Last Night in Twisted River allows you to not onlyget lost in the story, but also allows you as a reader to really consider the person behind the story, really think about the author; something no other novel has brought me to consider previously. As along time fan of John Irving, this appealed to me, and made the book a worthwhile read. If you are aIrving fan, do read it, but if you’re not, read one of his better books instead!
Rating: 6.87/10


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