‘I grew up thinking that spy stories were terribly passé –derivative, obvious and crucially, lacking artistic merit. And what a terrible snob I was –only reading ‘real literature’ to the detriment of anything else.

I cringe at the arrogance of my youth in dismissing the popular to pursue the avant garde, because as I approach middling years I am much more open minded in what I consume –and that has given me many new things to love.

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Top of that list is the work of John Le Carre. I would like to introduce you to ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’

To indulge a little book reviewing cliché it is a tense page-turner.

This book was written at the height of the cold war –the communist and nuclear threat was very real, and this insight, written by an active intelligence officer (Le Carre served in MI6) was as gritty and realistic as it got –in comparison to Fleming’s misogynist vodka martini drinker.

The story hinges on Alex Leamas –an aging intelligence officer, working to infiltrate East German intelligence. I want to say more –but sharing anything else would be to betray the story and ruin your fun.

The joy is in the writing –Le Carre is spare in his use of language, but conveys a huge amount in what little is said, and also importantly what is not said. The characterisation is stunning, and real –the characters operate in grey areas and we are never truly sure of allegiance, action or thought.

An examination of faith in humanity, political conviction and loyalty, the book draws you in further and further –with intelligent twists, and a dramatic dénouement. A rereading throws up even more questions, and as you grow to care for Leamas you can see the bigger machinations and what he is walking into.

It is a truly stunning piece of writing, taut and well paced, rewarding at all the right points

I am excited when I meet someone that has not read it, as I know what enjoyment they have ahead of them. That, and an expensive Le Carre habit as the George Smiley stories are not far away…’

Thanks Adam!

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