We’ve had some brilliant entries so far for our Find the Face of Scout competition, and we’ve shared a few below.
In the meantime, here’s a quick reminder of what you’d win if you’re a chosen face for new eyewear brand, Scout.

You’ll be the face of Scout Eyewear for its debut season and star in the all expenses paid ad campaign in London on Tuesday 12th June in London. Throughout the day you’ll work with super stylist Sara Darling who’s styled The Artic Monkeys, Eliza Doolittle and Roisen Murphy (ermm, wow!?) who’ll be working with your own individual style to create the looks for Scout’s debut collection. PLUS, you’ll be given a FREE pair of Scout specs with your prescription or UV sun lens for every month of the year. That’s a lot of glasses people!

Vicki at www.themagpiegirl.com looks gorgeous in florals and a candy coloured knit.

Festival fun with Lauren Biedenham

Some of our favourite styles from Scout's debut collection.

Remember, we aren’t looking for model looks or prom-queen perfectness. We want individuals with style that really packs a punch! Enter now at Scout@glassesdirect.com BEFORE 9th June and place your stamp on style!