Since launching our country-wide search for ‘The Face of Scout’ we’ve been treated to a plethora of wonderful emails sent in by you stylish lot. From heavy metal rock inspired wardrobes, to pretty and preppy it really has been inspirational and diverse.

But we’ve come to a decision a midst a lot of ‘umming’, ‘ah hing’ and ‘oh no, can I choose more faces?’ from our team. So, time get to know the new Faces of Scout!

















Occupation: Tattoo Artist.

Age: 28

In another life I would have been: Doctor DoLittle

My Style: 50’s meets Mod

Style icons: Amy Winehouse/Katy Perry/Noel Gallagher

Favourite Board Game: Guess who?

Proudest: Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Desert Island takes: My 3 cats












Occupation: Fine art student with fashion/bar worker

In another life: Rockstar

My Style: Garish, metallic, tacky

Style icons: Chloè sevigny azealia banks UGLY BETTY Julliette Lewis Debbie Harry My mate Emma Rolf Harris my mum notorious B.I.G

Favourite Board Game: Snakes & Ladders. Never played Monopoly

Proudest: of the friends I have made, and my button collection.

Desert Island takes: Phone (DUH), Sally, my cat, my sunglasses collection.










Occupation: Fashion with photography student

Age: 19

In another life: Top notch baker

My Style: girly, vintage, simple

Style icons: alexa chung, audrey hepburn (wish i was that elegant),my granny and anyone who catches my eye in the street.

Favourite Board Game: Scrabble (even though Iam terrible at spelling hahaa)

Proudest: I am proudest of the looks on my parents faces when I got my a level results (AAB) and also when i managed to go to pony club camp without falling off once (i’m not that bad, i swear)

Desert Island takes: I would take my camera, a never ending bottle of suntan lotion and my duvet (and if the desert island customs people where feeling particularly nice my boyfriend, but he doesn’t really count as an item does he…)


Occupation: Graphic Designer

Age: 25

In another life: Singer/musician

My Style: Edgy but classic at the same time and very personal

Style icons: I follow my own taste and trends that come from the street/Fashion blogger Pelayo

Favourite Board Game: Monopoly

Proudest: I’m proud of all decisions that i made in my life, that I got never stuck in something I didn’t enjoy and made it this far.

Desert Island takes: I would take (1) a media player, (2) batteries for my media player and (3) more batteries for my media player

David Walker








Occupation: Waiter- Preparing for final entry test into the Royal navy

Age: 22

In another life: Rugby or boxing but I’m pretty happy with the choices I’ve made.

My Style: Super chilled out? I just wear anything I like the look of.

Favourite Board Game: Pictionary

Proudest: Getting my rescue scuba diving license.

Desert Island takes: I’m an Apple geek so on a desert island I’d have to take my iPhone, MacBook and iPod! Even if they only lasted a day!

We’ll be shooting with out chosen 5 on Tuesday out and about in London, so keep an eye out for live twitter updates and a video of how we got on!

A big thanks to all who entered. We’ve had a blast seeing everyone’s wardrobes and hearing about what floats your stylish boats.

Take a peak at some of the Scout styles we’ll be using in our ad campaign, HERE.

Big Love,

Team Scout