Google glasses will be available to purchase by the end of the year for less than $1,500, according to reports.


The company’s long-awaited tech toy, officially called ‘Google Glass’ is a voice-activated device designed to be worn like a pair of spectacles.

Google just revealed new details this week on how they function as a number of employees have been spotted wearing them. The company is trying to fine-tune the design of the gadget before officially releasing it to the market, the tech website The Verge reported.

Google also revealed Glass will come with a set of lenses to turn them into sunglasses

The glasses allow wearers to see sat-nav directions, take pictures and reply to emails – but until this week Google has refused to show how they actually work.

‘Want to see how Glass actually feels? It’s surprisingly simple,’ Google said.

‘Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see, hands free. Even share what you see, live.

‘Directions are right in front of you’.

‘Speak to send a message, or translate your voice’.

‘Get the notifications that matter most.

‘Ask whatever’s on your mind and get answers without having to ask.’

The firm also said all of the footage was captured through Glass.

Project Glass will come in five colours – black, gray, blue, red or white and have removable shades.


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 Only the beautiful can make the Google glasses work with their daily get ups, but the global giants are looking into collaborating with designers to give the revolutionary technology some street cred. Watch this space!