As the leaves begin to crunch beneath our feet and we dust off our thermals, the glare of the sun does a u-turn, intensifying it’s rays and making things that little bit trickier in the driving seat. It’s just as important to give yourself the best clarity when driving at this time of year as it is to have your eyes tested- And of course wearing your glasses whilst driving all year round.

A new report carried out by the AA has found that the glare of the setting sun during rush hour is to blame for 36 deaths a year and approximately 3000 accidents. Many of these could be avoided by wearing polarised sunglasses.

With autumn turning to winter the danger is particularly high as the sun sets around 6pm – just when most drivers are heading for home. Drivers are exposed to the risk of temporary ‘blinding’ by the dazzle of the sun from their windscreen.

The AA says the risk will continue until British Summer Time ends on October 27, when the clocks go back.

Most drivers face dazzling bright light at this time of year, because the sun sits at a more direct angle to the earth.  There really is the potential for accidents on the road – sometimes the sun is so bright that it’s painful and temporarily blinding – especially if it’s reflected off another car or the water.  Polarised lenses eliminate this reflected glare, offering more comfort even for normal driving conditions.

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Tests have shown that drivers wearing polarised lenses, react quicker than those with regular sunglasses lenses. Actually  drivers wearing no sunglasses at all reacted quicker than those wearing regular sunglasses.

Polarised lenses are usually tinted brown or grey to help prevent bright sunlight from damaging or discomforting the eyes. Glasses Direct can add polarised lenses to your prescription for as little as £45.

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By investing in polarised lenses the risk of being blinded by the sun and being a danger on the roads is reduced dramatically – and you needn’t compromise your style with our wide range of styles and purse friendly price points.