2014 is looking like a key year for Glasses Direct – we’ve got loads of things planned that will take us forward into exciting new territory.

First up – we’re planning a new website. We’ve been quite happy with our current set up for a few years and, while it’s served us well, it’s time to upgrade. We want the best design, the cleanest user interface and the most advanced features we can possibly get so we can show off our frames in the most exciting way possible.

We want to revolutionise how people try their glasses too – currently you can try at home with our free home trial service but at some point in the next year you’ll be able to try your new frames through our website in a virtual mirror too. The new version of Glasses Direct should materialise in the second half of the year, so keep an eye out!

Next – new brands! We’ve found many successes with London Retro and Scout so we’re going to expand with the addition of two new house brands. We haven’t 100% decided on names yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. Scout and London Retro catered to a younger audience so with these new brands we’ll be looking to cater to something slightly different… more details to come soon!

And speaking of London Retro – there will be new additions to the London Retro family too. A new collection is coming very soon and it’ll be the most high-end collection yet with some real stand out features. You’ll love the end results!

We’ve loads planned for the year and we hope you enjoy what we’ll soon have to offer!