You would be forgiven for thinking that, with the huge amount of shapes and styles of glasses available to wear, glasses haven’t changed very much over the years. But it wasn’t always like that – there was once a time when glasses weren’t fashion accessories but were in fact telltale signs that your eyesight might not be up to scratch. If you can believe that!


But today things are a little different, with glasses being such lusted after fashion accessories that even people who have no need for glasses will wear them out of sheer lens envy. These days everyone from Rich down the chip shop to Ryan Gosling on the red carpet shows off their glasses with pride – and that’s precisely how it should be.

Talking of celebrities that look good in glasses - here’s Buzzfeed’s spectacular dossier that proves the right frame can make a good-looking man look even better, and over at Never Underdressed there’s an extensive gallery of inspiring female celebrities who look completely at home behind their lenses. Both are worth a look – who knows, you might even find some inspiration for your next pair of glasses!